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Reading Together

Updated: Apr 4, 2020


Why is a family time of reading important? When we read aloud we: say our family is important. We create a sanctuary of time. Like family meals, a family reading time creates shared experience where for a short period we close out the world and say no to interruptions. It’s just us!

escape and experience another world. Whether we join Curious George and the man with the Yellow Hat, or Pooh and Piglet, or Ratty and Mole as they try to make their friend Toad into a more sensible animal, we go together and share the fun.

allow children and parents alike to enjoy a book that would be beyond the reading ability of the younger reader. Our child’s comprehension will, for a time, run far ahead of the level of book s/he could read on their own. Imaginations and vocabulary are stretched.

enter into great literature. Casual reading our children might choose may be fluff.... but reading fluff out loud sounds like, well, fluff! The books we read aloud together will be rich in texture and cadence and of a quality that stands the test of time.

create opportunity for discussion about the things of life that are important. Think of the themes we find in a book like Charlotte’s Web (E.B. White)... friendship, life and death. We open up the possibility of conversation not just at reading time but throughout the day from the ideas we encounter together.

and have a ready excuse to sit close together, laugh, talk and pass the popcorn!

We nourish their souls when we read aloud.

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